Years ago, I developed a strange physiological sensation. I remember writing I felt a swarm of bees had settled inside the cavity of my chest.         
 Up until then, I rarely thought about bees. It was only as a child that I concerned myself with them. I used to have a reoccurring dream, where I was being chased by a swarm. No matter how fast I ran or where I hid, I could not separate myself from them.             
 My fascination with the hive emerged from this visceral sensation of the bees swarming deep within the hollow of my chest. 
 The vibrations of their wings propelled me forward into the investigation of the complex, social network within the hive, as well as humanity’s relationship with the the hive throughout history.      
 My role with the hive continues to transform. Since then, I have stepped off the page, away from the familiar...
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